Guide: Best Sneaker Bots For Mac OS & Windows

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The sneaker arbitrage industry has grown from a hobby to a real market that is powering people’s lives in ways we would not have imagined 10 years ago. Entrepreneurs are buying beachside condos in Puerto Rico just on their sneaker copping moolah.

Don’t believe me? Check out this tweet from a well-known sneakerhead.

Bots, payment methods, shipping addresses, and proxies are the lifeline of being able to secure sneakers when they drop. Currently, there are hundreds of different types of bots programmed by a variety of teams. It can be difficult to decide which one is right for you and your machine.

In this guide, we’re going to lay out some of the best sneaker bots For Windows and Mac systems. You’re also going to learn what you need to get started in sneaker copping.

Why You Need A Sneaker Bot

To understand why you need a sneaker bot let’s set up a hypothetical situation that is all too real most of the time. A foot store is going to release 100 pairs of retro Air Jordans and there are at least a couple of thousand people who would like to buy a pair.

Now factor in that the people who want to buy one pair are regular consumers, but sneakerhead competitors would like to buy dozens of boxes for resale.

Therefore, sneaker copping is a race of time where everyone is scrambling to buy and secure the cook as fast as possible. Do you know what is faster than a human? Bots. A sneaker bot is designed to utilize profiles that you create to automatically purchase sneakers instantly.

You can even use APIs with CAPTCHA services to speed up the process.

Sneaker bots make copping possible. They’re powered by proxies and those proxies need to be quick so that your purchases do not lag.

Let’s look at some of the best sneaker bots For Windows and Macintosh systems.

Best Sneaker Bots For Windows

If you’re running Windows or Mac with an emulator you can expect to have the widest choice of sneaker bots available to you. One thing that we recommend is running multiple sneaker bots using virtual private servers with remote desktop capability.

Wrath AIO

Wrath is an all-in-one bot which means that it supports cooking Shopify, Supreme, US foot sites, and Yeezy Supply. That’s great for people who are just getting started and don’t want a particular bot for a niche platform.

Wrath Is at the top of our list because the developers are dedicated to updating the bot consistently so that it can circumvent bot protection on footsites.

The retail value is $350.00 with a $50 fee every three months. However, it can be difficult to get a license from the developer and that will leave you buying aftermarket prices of well over $5000. It’s expensive, but one of the best overall bots with current updates.

Noble AIO

Coming in the second spot is Noble, another all-in-one bot that will get you started cooking on a variety of eCommerce platforms. The bot works well with Shopify sites and Yeezy Supply. We managed to cop over 100 sneakers just from a Dick’s Sporting Goods drop.

Noble is usually sold out, so you’ll have to buy an aftermarket license.

We recommend this AIO bot because of its footsite capability. One scan through Reddit will gain you enough sentiment that concurs with our results.


Cybersole Is one of the lesser-known bots, but it still has a great reputation in the community. Just like with most bots, you will find that it is sold out with an original price of around 300 British pounds. It’s best just to wait until they release a new stock every month instead of paying thousands for a license.

One of the great features of this bot is that it does not throttle how many tasks you can have running simultaneously unlike most sneaker bots.

The UX is modern and friendly for people who are just familiarizing themselves with sneaker copping.

Prism AIO

This is a well-known bot within the sneakerhead community that will also work for Mac systems although we did not list it under our Mac list because it’s more popular with Windows users. It’s one of the most expensive bots to operate with a $150 fee every three months and a retail value of $500.

If you don’t catch a restocking of the bot you can expect to pay thousands for a license.

One aspect of the Prism bot that we like is it supports Finishline which is something you do not always see even with all-in-one bots.

Best Sneaker Bots For Mac

If you’re running Mac systems, you will find that your sneaker bot selection is smaller than with a Windows machine. However, that doesn’t mean you will not have access to some pretty good all-in-one bots that get the job done.

A lot of Macintosh fans will run an emulator to expand their bot choices and periodically operate virtual environments that allow them to run more than one bot at a time.

Nike Shoe Bot

This is one of the original bots made for the sneakerhead community. Before the Nike shoe bot, a lot of people would just have their bot’s custom coded which was a disaster considering how often eCommerce platforms updated their websites.

We’re placing it in the Macintosh category even though they have a windows version because it’s one of the most solid bots for Mac that is beginner-friendly.

The reasons it’s beginner-friendly is because its retail value for $500 is annual and they always keep the bot in stock. That means you do not have to go through third-party services where you’re going to pay 10 times the value as with other sneaker bots.


Dashe is primarily a Shopify bot that works well on Mac systems along with Windows. It cost $50 per month or $200 for a lifetime license. The greatest features of Dashe is the ability to mass edit tasks which can be advantageous when you need to configure your keywords.

The best way to get a license is to wait for restocking by following their Twitter.

Dashe Comes with great analytics pages that keep botting activity separate and displays important metrics that you will want to know while making purchases on Shopify sites.


Tohru is an all-in-one bot that works well with Mac systems. With their recent update, you are able to cop sneakers on FootAction, Footlocker, and a host of other sneaker sites. The best way to purchase the bot is through third parties or keep a check on their Twitter account.

The only downside is that their website is not active and they provide limited documentation.

If you’re just starting with a low budget sometimes they give away free licenses which can be an option if you turn on alerts and pay attention to when they do so. Overall Tohru is a well-updated bot that works seamlessly with a Mac rig.

Where To Purchase Licenses

You may start to see a theme where bot makers are out of stock of licenses, and this could be argued for more than one reason. That will probably leave you either waiting for a restock or purchasing a license from a third party.

Buying a license from a third party will usually cost you thousands of dollars.

Obviously, there are risks to spending so much money on the Internet and one of the best ways to buy bots is with BotBroker or BotMart.

With their platforms, you can become connected to people who have legitimate licenses.


Sneaker bots are only as good as the proxies that are powering them. That is why ProxyEmpire is a favorite of sneakerheads when it comes to residential and mobile proxies that are quick. Once you do decide on the sneaker bot that you want your next step is to secure stable proxies.

Rotating residential proxies are perfect for setting-up bot profiles and ProxyEmpire allows you to keep bandwidth you don’t use so that you will not lose what you paid for between drops.


Sneaker bots automate purchasing limited release shoes online. They checkout faster than humans, allowing users to buy multiples for resale. Bots work with profiles, payment methods, shipping addresses and proxies. Popular bots for Windows include:

  • Wrath AIO – All-in-one bot supporting various sites. Updated often. Aftermarket licenses cost over $5000.
  • Noble AIO – Good for footsites. Aftermarket licenses required. Copped 100+ pairs on one Dick’s drop.
  • Cybersole – No limits on simultaneous tasks. New licenses released monthly. Beginner friendly.
  • Prism AIO – Known for Finishline support. Costs $150 every 3 months. Licenses hard to get.

For Mac, options are more limited but good bots exist:

  • Nike Shoe Bot – One of the originals. Annual $500 fee. Always in stock. Beginner friendly.
  • Dashe – Shopify bot. $50/month or lifetime $200 license. Restocks announced on Twitter.
  • TohruAIO – Supports FootAction and Footlocker. Free giveaways sometimes. Reliable on Mac.

Licenses sell out fast, requiring restocks or aftermarket purchases. Legit resales happen on BotBroker and BotMart.

Bots need good proxies. ProxyEmpire’s residential and mobile proxies are fast for sneaker sites. Rotating IPs help create bot profiles. Unused bandwidth rolls over between drops.

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