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Static Residential Proxies – Buy Static Residential Proxies (ISP) in over 21 countries

ProxyEmpire’s ISP Proxy service allows you to keep using the same residential IPs for a month or longer.

Buy your own dedicated static residential IP and never get blocked again.

Static ISP Proxy

Harness the Power of Static Residential Proxies

Tired of constantly rotating IPs? Static residential proxies give you total control with the same private, targeted IPs for all your web data needs.

What Are Static Residential Proxies?

Static residential proxies use IP addresses from ISPs that remain fixed instead of rotating randomly. They are allocated to a specific residential device like a home internet connection.

Benefits of Static Residential Proxies

  • IP consistency: Keep using the same IPs for ongoing access to target sites.
  • Avoid frequent re-authentication: Maintain persistent sessions without constant logins.
  • Stickiness emulates real users: Static IPs mimic actual user behavior better than rotating.
  • ISP-level targeting: Filter proxies by specific ISP carriers or networkss.
  • Resist blocking: Residential IPs are less likely to get flagged than datacenters.

Use Cases for Static Proxies

  • Managing accounts long-term: Keep all your social media and marketplace accounts unified.
  • Consistently accessing geo-restricted content: Ongoing access to streaming sites and services.
  • Price monitoring: Check pricing pages from the same IPs to avoid re-authentication.
  • SEO analytics: Sticky IPs ease rank tracking and content analysis for sites prone to blocking.
  • Data aggregation: Gather data over time by mimicking normal user browsing behavior.
Static Proxy Sticky

Choosing the Best Static Proxy Provider

Look for providers with:

  • Millions of residential IP choices: Enough to find optimal static IPs that avoid blocks.
  • Numerous ISP options: Ability to filter proxies by specific ISP sources.
  • Flexible assignment times: Options for IP assignments from a few hours to months.
  • Targeting controls: Filters to geo-target locations to your needs.
  • Quality IP testing: Ensures assigned IPs maintain reliability over time.

With millions of targeted, high-quality static residential proxies, ProxyEmpire has your data needs covered. Sign up today!

Static Residential Proxies In 21 Countries.

We currently offer ISP proxies in the following countries:
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Switzerland.

All of our static residential proxy plans come with personalized integration support to get you set up in minutes. Our proxies support both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols and can be integrated in any software stack that supports user and password proxy authentication.

Our static residential proxies currently support only country targeting.

If you are interested in a larger number of non-static IPs check out our rotating residential proxy service. Our rotating residential and mobile proxies support Country, Region, ISP, and City targeting.

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Static Residential Proxies

ProxyEmpire gives you access to a robust infrastructure of static residential proxies that work well with use cases where you need to keep the same IP accross all of our browsing sessions. 

Static Residential IP Proxies allow you to keep the same exact IP address for a month, or longer, and they are exclusive to you.

We currently offer coverage across 17 different countries and 21 different internet service providers (ISPs).

Get Full Access To All Of Our Static Residential Proxies.

Buy as many Dedicated static residential IPs and the amount of bandwidth that you would like to use on them.
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This article focuses on ProxyEmpire’s Static Residential Proxies offering. These are proxies that use IP addresses from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are stationary rather than randomly rotating. The main advantage of static residential proxies is they emulate real user behavior, maintain persistent sessions without constant logins, and resist blocking.

Static Residential Proxies are an ideal solution for managing long-term accounts, accessing geo-restricted content persistently, price monitoringSEO analytics, and data aggregation. This service provides Static Residential Proxies in 21 countries, personalized integration support, and supports HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.

Additionally, ProxyEmpire offers options for IP assignments from a few hours to months and quality IP testing to ensure reliability over time. The service targets aspects such as country, region, ISP, and city. For those needing more non-static IPs, they also offer rotating residential proxy and mobile proxy services. Sign up for ProxyEmpire’s robust infrastructure of high-quality static residential proxies that provide optimum data solutions.


Get Full Access To All Of Our Static Residential Proxies.

All our plans include:


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Experience online freedom with our unrivaled web proxy solutions. Pioneering in breaking through geo-barriers, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks, our premium, ethically-sourced network boasts a vast pool of IPs, expansive location choices, high success rate, and versatile pricing. Advance your digital journey with us.

🏘️ Rotating Residential Proxies
  • 9M+ Premium Residential IPs
  •  170+ Countries
    Every residential IP in our network corresponds to an actual desktop device with a precise geographical location. Our residential proxies are unparalleled in terms of speed, boasting a success rate of 99.56%, and can be used for a wide range of different use cases. You can use Country, Region, City and ISP targeting for our rotating residential proxies.

See our Rotating Residential Proxies

📍 Static Residential Proxies
  • 20+ Countries
    Buy a dedicated static residential IP from one of the 20+ countries that we offer proxies in. Keep the same IP for a month or longer, while benefiting from their fast speed and stability.

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📳 Rotating Mobile Proxies
  • 5M+ Premium Residential IPs
  •  170+ Countries
    Access millions of clean mobile IPs with precise targeting including Country, Region, City, and Mobile Carrier. Leave IP Blocks and Captchas in the past and browse the web freely with our 4G & 5G Proxies today.

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📱 Dedicated Mobile Proxies
  • 5+ Countries
  • 50+ Locations
    Get your own dedicated mobile proxy in one of our supported locations, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IP changes on demand. A great choice when you need a small number of mobile IPs and a lot of proxy bandwidth.

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🌐 Rotating Datacenter Proxies
  • 70,000+ Premium IPs
  •  10+ Countries
    On a budget and need to do some simple scraping tasks? Our datacenter proxies are the perfect fit! Get started with as little as $2

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