Proxy Use Cases

With ProxyEmpire’s Premium Residential Proxies Companies Can Leverage Data Insights In Their Verticals Without Complication.

Influencer Marketing

Digital stores and brands are using our residential and mobile proxies to extract valuable influencers across social platforms to increase sales.

Ad Verification

Advertisers use ProxyEmpire's network to sniff out potential ad fraud. They use granular targeting to see their ads on all devices and locations.

Sneaker Proxies

Catch the latest sneaker drops and cop them quick with fast residential proxies that go undetected by all sneaker brand sites. 

SEO Monitoring

Check your SERP performance with GEO-specific targeting and spy on the competition without them knowing using your own crawler.

Travel Fair Aggregation

Link travel plans, destinations, and prices across multiple platforms with GEO-specific filters. Integrate easily with onboarding help from our techs.

Stock Market Analysis

Gain the data insights needed to make profitable trades or power your cryptocurrency validation with ProxyEmpire's infrastructure. 

Brand Protection

Brands safeguard their intellectual property and reputation through advance monitoring of mentions, powered by our residential and mobile proxies.

Price Monitoring

When a retailer has to make split second pricing adjustments decisions, they rely on ProxyEmpire to gather the intelligence they need.

Need Help Choosing Your Proxy Use Case?

We at Proxy Empire understand what it can be hard sometimes to learn how to implement proxies into your software stack. That is why we are here to help! 

ProxyEmpire provides its onboarding clients with integration assistance from one of our well-trained members of staff.

Reach out to us in the live chat if you have any questions or contact us by email at [email protected] .

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