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Ad Verification Proxies – Take control of your ad campaigns with residential and mobile proxies.

Ad fraud is a growing threat that can destroy the ROI of digital marketing campaigns. According to recent statistics, over $42 billion was lost to fraudulent ads and bots in 2022 alone. Companies are turning to residential and mobile proxy solutions to take back control and verify their ad performance.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how ad verification proxies can help you:

  • Detect fraudulent ad placements
  • Unblock geo-restricted ad campaigns
  • Avoid blocks with residential IP addresses

By leveraging millions of residential IP proxies across 170+ countries, you can scan all your ad placements and identify any fraudulent or underperforming publishers. Let’s dive in.

Ad fraud protection

Uncovering Hidden Ad Fraud with Proxy Scans

One sneaky way networks defraud advertisers is by mixing high-quality traffic with cheap junk traffic from adware and click farms. Without proxy-based scans, it’s impossible to detect this kind of cloaked fraud.

Ad networks maximize their profits by sourcing traffic from many locations. You may have ads placed on thousands of sites and apps globally. Manually verifying each placement is impractical.

Residential proxy services like ProxyEmpire solve this problem by providing millions of IP addresses from real homes and mobile devices across the world. You can customize proxy locations based on your ad targeting.

By scanning your ads at scale across regions, you can identify any fraudulent placements diluted with fake clicks and impressions. This eliminates waste and improves your marketing ROI.

Accessing Geo-Restricted Ad Campaigns

Global digital ad targeting comes with a new challenge – you can’t view a geo-targeted ad without actually being in that geo. For example, if you’re targeting ads in the UK from the US, the British ads simply won’t be displayed locally.

Proxy-based ad verification overcomes regional blocking by letting you access ads from any geo. Just choose proxy locations matching your ad targeting – say UK mobile proxies – and you can scan your British ads right from the US.

This convenient proxy approach helps enterprises with global ad campaigns verify performance without traveling or setting up local offices.

Evading Ad Network Blocks with Residential Proxies

Many ad networks try to detect and block data center proxies used for ad verification. This protects their profits from fraud investigations.

The key is to use residential IPs that perfectly imitate real human traffic. ProxyEmpire sources its IPs directly from massive ISP and mobile proxy networks across the globe.

Our proxies are allocated to real households and devices, not data centers. Ad networks see them as valid organic users, not bots. This allows invisible, unblockable access to scan your ads at scale.

Combine this with proxy rotation to cycle through millions of residential IPs, and you have a potent solution for ad verification. Our clients have successfully verified ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, and more using this method.

Leverage Ad Verification Proxies for Better Campaign ROI

In summary, advanced proxy solutions let advertisers take back control from potentially fraudulent ad networks and publishers. You can verify if your ads are being seen by real humans to justify the spending.

By scanning ads locally versus relying on opaque third-party reporting, you can identify bad actors early and optimize campaigns faster. Contact ProxyEmpire to implement residential proxies and start verifying your global ad placements today.

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