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Best Instagram Proxies

You can efficiently manage and grow your Instagram profiles.

Make an infinite number of interactions and threads with your preferred Instagram bots, regardless of geo-restrictions or IP limitations.

Our proxies are compatible with all popular Instagram tools and bots.
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Instagram’s popularity is skyrocketing, as are its security precautions. Instagram is dedicated to restricting users from automating certain tasks by prohibiting all types of bots. As a result, managing many accounts can be difficult for internet company owners and contractors.

Instagram routinely verifies its customers’ IP addresses in ISP information databases. If an IP address has several registrations, it will be blocked. Don’t worry, since, with our residential proxies, you’ll seem to Instagram as any other typical user, regardless of how many accounts you have. And, because residential proxies are generated by genuine devices, you can wave goodbye to Insta blockages.

Instagram Proxy & Automation

Utilizing bot process automation is getting increasingly popular among individuals who do online business. Instagram is no exception, however, proxies are required if you want to take things to the next level.

Our powerful residential and mobile proxies also allow you to target any nation (or even city) from our 200+ location list, allowing your Instagram bot to operate thousands of profiles globally without being identified.

Instagram doesn’t like the concept of bots operating accounts on their site since it simplifies the process for people to buy Instagram profiles and administer them in bulk. As a result, the site frequently bans any questionable user’s IP address.

However, with our industry-leading residential proxies, you’ll never have to worry about an IP block. With a competent Instagram bot and our proxies, you may have tens or hundreds of profiles, produce heaps of activity, and attract new clients.

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Why You Need Instagram Proxies

With ProxyEmpire, digital marketers are leveraging our network to manage multiple accounts and scrape data at different geo-locations.

Marketing professionals, digital advertising agencies, and even normal Instagram users frequently maintain many Instagram accounts. Instagram has strict rules on how many accounts may be accessed from the same IP address – one profile per IP address. High activity on several Instagram accounts from the same IP address may be considered spam-like and result in penalties ranging from temporary activity limitations to account bans.

Proxies are used by social media administrators to imitate several profiles appearing from various IP addresses in to avoid getting banned on Instagram. Proxy functions as a bridge between the user’s computer and the Instagram servers, hiding the actual user IP address with a new one.

Avoid Instagram Bans

If you use different Instagram services or work on Instagram from various machines that are geographically separated, a proxy minimizes the probability of an account being blocked.

For example, if you have one account open in the app on your phone and it is linked to auto-posting, Instagram would perceive that individuals are operating from the same account in various cities or countries. Then Instagram may believe you’ve been hacked and ban your account.

When you connect a proxy server to your phone and services, all requests are routed through the proxy first and then to Instagram. As a consequence, Instagram believes the user is working in the same location.

Unlike overly simplistic tools, Proxy Empire’s network has the scalability and access to thousands of residential and mobile proxies. Because our network is organic in nature, it can be used without throwing up red flags which is typical with data center proxies.

ProxyEmpire Reputation Management


ProxyEmpire residential proxies are essential for automating and scaling Instagram without bans. Benefits include:

  • Avoiding IP bans by making each Instagram account appear to come from a different residential IP address.
  • Managing a high volume of accounts and interactions without triggering limits.
  • Automatically rotating real residential IPs to simulate natural usage across profiles.
  • Targeting any country or city to run international Instagram campaigns.
  • Scrape data without detection using anonymous residential IPs.
  • Unblock geo-restricted Instagram content from anywhere.

With an expansive pool of mobile and ISP-sourced residential IPs, ProxyEmpire provides the IP diversity and targetability needed to grow your brand and followers at scale on Instagram without interruptions. Our authentic residential proxies defeat Instagram’s bot detection to enable seamless automation and management.

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