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Facebook Proxies
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Create and Manage multiple Facebook Ad Accounts, Automate Facebook Tasks, scrape Facebook data, and never get blocked or flagged by using ProxyEmpire’s Residential & Mobile Proxies

Facebook is used by a large number of individuals for a variety of purposes. As per statistics, 37% of the world’s population utilizes Facebook. According to statistics, Facebook is beneficial to businesses. Facebook has approximately 100 million active business pages, yet only 10 million pay for advertisements. 49% of users click on a page to show their support for a brand they like and to keep up with any updates on the page. Ads are the only method for reaching the 40% of people who don’t want any pages.

Key Takeaways about Facebook Proxies

Unblock Geo-Restricted Access to Facebook

  • Access Facebook from restricted networks like schools, offices, and countries where it is blocked
  • Facebook Residential proxies provide IP addresses from real households to bypass blocks
  • Facebook Mobile proxies work on cellular data for unrestricted usage on the go

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

  • Create and manage unlimited Facebook accounts for business uses
  • Avoid getting accounts shut down from the same IP address patterns
  • Residential proxies give new IP for each account to prevent bans
  • Sticky sessions keep the same IP assigned per account for continuity

Automate Facebook Marketing and Growth

  • Scrape Facebook data for competitive research and analytics
  • Automate posting, scheduling, commenting, liking, friending, etc.
  • Maintain high-scale automation without triggering bans
  • Residential proxies keep bots secure by mimicking real user behavior

Undetectable Data Collection from Facebook

  • Gather public data from Facebook for market research purposes
  • Avoid detection by using constantly rotating residential IPs
  • Mobile proxies work well for data collection from mobile apps
  • Residential IPs blend into normal traffic for seamless data scraping

Unblock content with a Facebook Proxy

Employees’ access to Facebook has been restricted for a long time, thanks to management’s use of this tactic. Employers are concerned since 30% of Facebook users go online more than once every day. 

More than half of businesses do this because removing distractions would increase productivity. I, for example, am an excellent employee, but what extra do I must do when I finish the day’s chores before the office closes? I have a computer in front of me, and the first thing that springs to mind is to browse the internet and visit social media, but I can’t since I’ve been blocked.

You can have unrestricted access to your Facebook account if you utilize a proxy server for Facebook access. How? Continue reading to discover.

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

If you try to create several accounts from the same browser using the same IP address, Facebook will shut you down all at once. This does not seem optimal if you require more than one account to scale your organization.

To circumvent internet restrictions, use Facebook proxies. ProxyEmpire allows you to pick any location & ISP or mobile carrier in the world with each Facebook profile and manage them with sticky sessions that run from 1 to 10 minutes, or up to 30 minutes. Because you’ll be using real-device IPs, your anonymity is ensured.

Furthermore, our top-performing residential and mobile proxy networks have excellent speeds. Even when managing numerous Facebook accounts, this provides smooth access.

Scrape Facebook Data & Automation

For market research, competitive analysis, and sales, Facebook is the ultimate aim. To obtain this information, leverage proxies in conjunction with spiders and scrapers. This allows you to scrape data from other sites in large quantities and organize it in nice papers while keeping your Facebook profiles from being blocked.

If you don’t automate the process, managing many Facebook accounts may soon become a pain. This laborious process, however, is unnecessary if you utilize a dependable and nearly invisible Facebook proxy that supports any kind of Facebook automation product on the market. Create content and automate tasks such as posting, scheduling, liking and commenting, and sending and accepting friend invites with the help of ProxyEmpire Residential & Mobile Proxies.

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