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  • Japan Residential Proxies

Access Japan-Exclusive Content and Platforms

A major benefit of ProxyEmpire’s Japanese residential proxies is unlocking geo-restricted content and platforms limited to Japan:

  • Bypass geo-blocks on streaming services like Hulu Japan, DMM, Paravi, and more.
  • View Japan-only inventory, pricing, promotions, and offers on ecommerce sites.
  • Test campaigns on Japan’s top search engines like Yahoo! Japan and Goo.
  • Access Japan-specific social platforms and mobile apps like Line and WeChat.
  • Unblock classifieds, news, and media sites unavailable abroad.

By routing your traffic through Japan IP addresses, you can freely access digital assets restricted to Japanese internet users.

Conduct Unbiased Japan Market Research with Japanese Proxies

ProxyEmpire’s expansive Japanese proxy pool allows you to embed directly into Japanese internet traffic for accurate market research:

  • Analyze organic Japan search rankings and SERP features.
  • Test Japan-targeted landing pages and campaigns pre-launch.
  • Assess Japan site performance and user flows in your app.
  • Extract consumer insights from Japanese forums and discussions.
  • Monitor brand reputation and analyze competitors from a local vantage point.

Rotating Japanese residential IPs enables large-scale data extraction withoutraising flags. You gain a true localized perspective.

Target Major Japanese Population Hubs

In addition to national-level targeting, ProxyEmpire offers city-level residential proxies in:

  • Tokyo – The capital and largest metropolitan area.
  • Osaka – Major economic center and largest city in western Japan.
  • Nagoya – Important business and manufacturing hub.
  • Fukuoka – Key city on the southern island of Kyushu.
  • Sapporo – Largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido.

This allows you to analyze metrics, trends, and data at the city level rather than just for all of Japan.

Defeat Bot Detection for Large-Scale Scraping

Many Japanese platforms utilize advanced bot detection and IP blocking to prevent scraping. Rotating Japanese residential and mobile proxies allow large-scale data extraction without blocks.

By spreading requests across a large pool of residential IP addresses, each proxy only makes a modest number of requests. This mimics real human activity patterns and avoids triggers.

Tips for robust scraping with Japanese proxies:

  • Use limited threads per proxy to appear natural. Scrape conservatively.
  • Enable automatic IP cycling in your scraper to constantly rotate Japanese IPs.
  • Avoid reusing the same Japanese IPs frequently across sites.
  • Mix proxy types – datacenter, residential, mobile – across sites to add fingerprint diversity.
  • Use proxy manager browser extensions to easily rotate Japanese IPs.

With careful setup and configuration, Japanese proxies provide the scale to extract key data assets from Japanese sites without raising red flags.

Optimize Ad Campaigns and UX for Japan thanks to Japanese Proxies

An additional benefit of ProxyEmpire’s Japanese proxies is the ability to optimize ad campaigns and experiences specifically for Japanese internet users before launching.

You can configure Japan proxies to:

  • Test search, social, and display ads on Japan marketing platforms.
  • Analyze how users in Japan interact with your app through user movement analytics.
  • Check rendering of Japan-customized sites and landing pages.
  • Validate performance and UX of your Japan-localized app and web properties.

With Japan proxies, you can maximize engagement and conversions for initiatives targeted to Japanese audiences.

Troubleshoot Japan-Specific Issues

Targeted Japanese proxies also enable identification and resolution of region-specific application and website issues.

With Japan proxies, you can:

  • Isolate performance problems only affecting users in Japan.
  • Test if Japan-localized marketing assets like ads and landing pages are working.
  • Ensure translated content and JP grammar display properly.
  • Replicate JP-specific user flows in your app to uncover bugs.

Fine-tuned geo targeting provides visibility to address issues before they escalate.


ProxyEmpire provides residential proxies from Japan to access data and sites exclusively available there. The Japanese proxy network targets large platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn in the local language.

The IP addresses come directly from Japanese ISPs and mobile carriers. To platforms, the connections seem like real Japanese residents browsing the web.

Granular targeting of cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and Fukuoka is possible with the Japanese proxies. Localized data improves business performance.

Japanese mobile proxies can connect to popular local apps like Line and KiK without blocks. The mobile carrier IPs mimic real users.

Benefits include scraping Japanese sites, gathering local intel, testing Japan-only apps and targeting Japanese social media. The residential IPs avoid blocks.

ProxyEmpire makes it easy to get started with Japanese proxies. A $1.97 trial provides instant access to the network with unlimited connections. Support is available 24/7 via live chat.

Rotating Japanese residential proxies maintain privacy for your web scraping and data mining needs. Real IPs from Japan open doors to geo-restricted content and platforms.

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