Learn How A Proxy Server Improves Security

According to Norton cyber security, there are over 2,200 cyberattacks per day. That’s an amazing 800,000 people being hacked per year.

Corporate warfare has never been more prominent on the internet than it is today.

Most of us can remember when Sony Entertainment was hacked by North Korea for the production of a movie they did not agree with. Espionage is another issue that companies have to deal with and it can cost them their intellectual property.

Today we’re going to be talking about how as a company you can protect yourself from cyber threats by utilizing proxies and servers. After this expository text you’ll feel more confident in your security protocols.

How Your Network Functions

A company usually has commercial internet access that gives them high speeds but also a static connection. Static means that the IP address of the entity does not change but stays the same throughout a long period of time. 

This is the opposite of residential networks that come with a dynamic connection. Dynamic means that the IP address will rotate every couple of weeks.

The benefit of a static connection is that your IP address does not rotate meaning that your connection stays as stable as possible. The downside is that the network becomes vulnerable and lacks any diversity for employee accounts.

Think about this, every time one of your employees visits a website that website can log your real static IP address. To further complicate issues if you’re a large enough business and need to access multiple accounts, a static IP can raise suspicions.

Social platforms and vendor websites do not like to see the same IP address associated with more than one account.

Companies like Instagram will not allow you to manage more than five accounts per IP address. After that amount, they will simply ban new accounts or not allow you to sign into them. This risk goes up substantially when employees use their computer or Wi-Fi to sign into their personal accounts.

Will VPNs Work For Your Company?

VPNs work by creating a secured tunnel where ISPs and other entities cannot look into your traffic packets. Unfortunately, most VPN applications do not allow enough devices per account for company management.

To solve this issue you have to set up your VPN within your company’s router and by doing this you create another static connection that has slower speeds.

While a VPN can help with security measures,  it also comes with the risk of being banned by vendor websites because most VPN IP addresses are blacklisted due to an over-amount of users occupying the same node.

VPNs are created in data centers meaning that there’s less go diversity in your connection and a smaller IP address pool for customers to use. This can create a load balancing issue causing a decline in connection speed.

Countries with restrictive internet use like China are employing deep packet inspection technology to decrypt virtual private Networks with success. That is why it is better to show a stable residential connection rather than trying to tunnel through.

Residential Proxies Are A Turnkey Solution

Quality proxies are sourced from real residential Wi-Fi routers or mobile devices. Most service providers will give you multiple ports that you can use on each company computer to assign a new IP address to every individual employee.

At ProxyEmpire we provide premium residential and mobile proxies in over 150 countries. Each proxy is clean and can be used for social media.

You can set up your new proxy in a couple of minutes within the browser itself and once it is authenticated by your username/password the connection will stay stable even when the residential proxy rotates.

Because residential proxies come from routers you can expect to be able to choose locations from the most obscure cities in a country or region. This gives you the power to keep your network clean and strengthen your security measures.

At ProxyEmpire we also allow authentication through whitelisting your static corporate IP address. That way you do not have to verify each computer your employees are using before using the proxies.

Increasing Anonymity With An Anti Detect Browser

Attackers can learn more about your business through browser fingerprinting. Each browser that your employees use has a unique identifier that relates to your company. Anti detect browsers function by adding noise to your information.

You can run multiple profiles on a multi-login browser enabling you to manage dozens of accounts with unique fingerprints for each one.

If your employees start to use these browsers you can limit the information you are giving to possible attackers and platforms that are going to attempt to remarket to you. Residential proxies work well with anti detect browsers and are the backbone of these tools since you can have a different IP address with every profile.

We have written multiple integration tutorials and our blog that relate to anti detect browsers that you can read and Implement in a couple of minutes.

This technology is especially important for your marketing and outreach department because it allows them to manage multiple accounts without having each account associated with each other.


Cyber attacks are only increasing year by year and their sophistication is growing. The best defense you can have is to mask the information they gather from your corporation. Proxies will enable you to limit how much information criminals can gather and as a bonus allow you to break free from a static connection.

You don’t need any dedicated Tech teams to set up this ecosystem.

At ProxyEmpire we will help you set up your proxies and guide you through the entire process. Just reach out to us and the live chat and our experts will be happy to help.

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