Using Proxies in Recruiting to Find Candidate Contact Information

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Recruiting top talent is highly competitive in today’s job market. Recruiters utilize various sourcing techniques to identify and contact qualified candidates. One approach recruiters use is web scraping candidate contact details from public profiles and resume databases.

Web scraping with proxies allows recruiters to gather candidate information at scale while avoiding blocks from websites. Proxies rotate IP addresses, preventing recruiters’ real IPs from getting banned during large scraping jobs.

Finding the perfect candidates often involves going through a lot of data and potentially being blocked by websites that don’t want their information scraped. To bypass this challenge, recruitment professionals can avail of solutions like rotating sticky proxies or mobile carrier proxies

Both of these methods help in efficiently scraping data from various websites. But the pinnacle solution in this scenario is to use dynamic residential IPs, which provide even more anonymity and a reduced chance of being blocked. Depending on the technical proficiency of the individual or the recruitment agency, they might want to use more advanced techniques like screen scraping or using open-source tools like Openbullet. If starting from scratch, going through a web scraping 101 guides can be an excellent foundation. And for those who are comfortable with coding, combining Python with residential proxies for scraping can indeed be a game-changer in the recruitment field.

This article will explore how recruiters use proxies for web scraping to efficiently find candidate contact information at scale.

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Why Do Recruiters Scrape Candidate Contact Details?

Recruiters scrape candidate contact information for several key reasons:

  • Expand reach – Scraping lets recruiters proactively source from a wider talent pool vs only searching their existing database.
  • Save time – Automatically gathering candidate details is faster than manual outreach and searches.
  • Low cost – Scraping contact info is more affordable than paid candidate databases.
  • Candidate targeting – Scraping specific sites allows recruiters to target passive candidates open to new roles.
  • Contact info accuracy – Directly scraping up-to-date details from resumes and profiles ensures accuracy.

Web scraping provides recruiters scalable access to candidate information across the internet. However, scraping requires dealing with blocks without getting real IPs banned.

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Why Proxies Are Essential for Recruiters’ Scraper?

Large web scraping jobs often get blocked or banned by sites protecting their data. Recruiters scraping at scale face the same blocking issues when trying to gather candidate contact information.

Proxies help recruiters circumvent blocks by rotating different IP addresses for each request, preventing single IPs from getting flagged and banned.

Some key reasons recruiters need proxies for web scraping candidate data:

  • Avoid IP bans – Proxies cycle through thousands of IP addresses so no single IP gets banned from over-scraping.
  • Rotate residential IPs – Residential proxies mimic real users browsing from home internet connections.
  • Maintain speed – Multiple concurrent proxy connections speed up scraping jobs vs using a single IP.
  • Scrape through blocks – Proxies bypass scrapers blocks and captchas that can halt scraping.

Without proxies, recruiters’ scrapers would constantly get blocked and banned – severely limiting the amount of contact information that could be gathered.

What Sites Do Recruiters Scrape for Contact Details?

Many sites are prime targets for recruiters to scrape and extract candidate contact information:

  • LinkedIn – The top professional social network filled with detailed resumes and profiles.
  • Monster – One of the largest job board sites with candidate resumes and applications.
  • Indeed – Leading job site with millions of resumes posted by candidates.
  • CareerBuilder – A major job site with detailed candidate profiles and resume databases.
  • GitHub – Platform for developer portfolios and open-source code projects.
  • Dice – Tech-focused career site with many tech professional resumes.
  • Hired – Site for tech candidates to get interview requests from recruiters.
  • AngelList – Platform for startups, investors, and candidates looking for tech roles.

These sites contain a wealth of candidate information but require proxies to scrape at scale without getting blocked.

What Contact Details Do Candidate Scrapers Extract?

The most valuable data recruiters scrape from sites include:

  • Full name – Necessary for outreach personalization.
  • Email – Direct contact method for recruiter emails and scheduling.
  • Phone number – Enables immediate outreach by call and text.
  • Location – Important for recruiting by region and relocation needs.
  • Current job title & company – Reveals background and experience fit.
  • Links to the portfolio – Useful for evaluating candidate work samples and skills.
  • Links to social profiles – Additional contact points and background info.
  • Resume text – Provides complete work history, education, skills, and more.

These fields allow recruiters to evaluate candidates and enable direct outreach. Scraping them in bulk is infinitely more efficient than manual searching and data entry.

Steps for Integrating Proxies with Recruiter Scrapers

To leverage proxies for recruiting web scraping:

  1. Select proxy provider – Choose a provider offering residential proxy packages suited for recruiting use cases. Prioritize residential IPs, maximum port count, and unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Set up proxy IPs – Configure the proxy IPs and ports in your scraping software. Tools like ScraperAPI integrate proxies seamlessly.
  3. Auto-rotate proxies – Set proxies to automatically rotate with each request to maximize IP diversity.
  4. Route target site traffic – Configure software to route only the site to be scraped through the proxies, keeping normal traffic direct.
  5. Scrape through blocks – If encountering blocks, use more proxy IPs or residential proxies which mimic real users.
  6. Monitor usage – Watch proxy usage volume to ensure it aligns with your purchased package limits.

With the right proxies in place, recruiters can gather candidate contact info and resume data at scale to build their talent pipelines.

Proxy Tips for Recruiting Scrapers:

  • Always use residential proxy IPs since they appear as real users.
  • Enable random user agents to further disguise scrapers.
  • Use proxy whitelists to lock down proxy access.
  • Monitor success rate – Lower rates indicate blocking issues.
  • Rotate IPs frequently to avoid usage patterns triggering blocks.

The Benefits of Proxies for Recruiting:

Smartly using proxies provides many advantages for recruiters’ sourcing efforts:

  • Wider candidate reach – Scrape larger sites and more profiles to build robust talent pipelines.
  • Faster prospecting – Programmatically gather details on qualified candidates matching open positions.
  • Higher response rates – Personalized outreach using scraped info improves engagement.
  • Better candidate experience – Direct contact reduces public applications and demonstrates interest.
  • Enables automation – Crawler and bot usage provides recruiter time savings.
  • Access to passive candidates – Target talent not actively job searching.

When leveraged properly, proxies are a recruiter’s key tool for unlocking huge efficiency and sourcing gains through web scraping.

All You Need to Know About Us – ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire offers access to over 5.3 million ethically sourced, rotating residential proxies, equipped with sophisticated filtering features for targeting countries, cities, ISPs, and regions. 

Every residential proxy plan we offer includes VIP integration support, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup. Our proxies cover use cases that are not typically supported by other proxy providers. 

Our residential proxies are compatible with all standard proxy protocols, ensuring seamless integration with any software stack you have. 

Additionally, we provide static residential proxies, also referred to as ISP proxies, which allow you to maintain the same IP for a month or even longer. 

FAQs About Recruiting Proxies

Should recruiters build their scrapers or use a service?

Building an effective recruiting web scraper requires engineering resources to develop, optimize and maintain over time. Ready-made scraping services with integrations like ScraperAPI provide an affordable, scalable solution without engineering costs.

Can I scrape LinkedIn for candidate contact info?

LinkedIn strictly prohibits scraping and has technical measures to prevent it. However, advanced proxy techniques can be successful when done carefully in terms of service. Scraping accuracy is not guaranteed due to frequent site changes.

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What is the best-rotating proxy configuration?

Use a mix of sticky and rotating residential proxies with unlimited weekly bandwidth for optimal recruiter scraping. Prioritize USA and global residential IPs. Configurescrapers to automatically rotate proxies after each page request.

Can my company get in legal trouble for scraping candidate info?

There are ethical ways to leverage web scraping without breaking laws or terms of service. Consult legal counsel to craft compliant scraping policies. Only scrape public profiles, respect opt-outs, monitor usage, and secure data responsibly.


The competitive nature of today’s job market has driven recruiters to adopt various sourcing techniques to identify and contact candidates for various roles. Among these techniques, web scraping with the aid of proxies has proven highly effective. It allows recruiters to gather candidate information on a large scale while avoiding being blocked by websites protective of their data. 

Proxies such as rotating sticky proxies, mobile carrier proxies, and most specifically dynamic residential IPs, offer anonymity and a reduced risk of being blocked. 

ProxyEmpire shines in this marketplace, offering over 5.3 million ethically sourced, rotating residential proxies with advanced filtering features. With VIP integration support and compatibility with all standard proxy protocols, 

ProxyEmpire is an invaluable tool for recruiters, offering seamless functionality for large-scale data scraping tasks. In sum, the use of advanced proxy solutions, such as those offered by ProxyEmpire, can be the game-changer recruiters need to efficiently and ethically gather candidate information at scale.

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