Anonymous Proxies: The Ultimate Guide.

Anonymous proxies are designed to mask a user’s IP Address, therefore creating anonymity for the user. Every time you visit a website your browser sends requests through its header. These header strings reveal a lot about you like your location, computer configuration, and search intent.

In this article, we will be looking at how anonymous proxies work and why you may need them.

Traditionally, anonymous proxies are sourced from data centers that could only be located in large metropolitan areas.

Things have changed and nowadays you can remain hidden online by leveraging anonymous proxies that come from residential and mobile carriers. Each IP address is sourced from a real device in a particular geolocation. The residents give explicit permission for this use.

How Anonymous Proxies Work

Anonymous proxies forward your request through what is called a load balancing server. On the other side of that server is the actual IP address that the web platform will see. This effectively gives you a mask when making requests on the internet.

TLDR: If you want to protect your identity online you should use residential proxies. For a more advanced understanding of header requests visit our proxy anonymity levels guide.

How Backconnect Proxies Work

Even if you’re using an anonymous proxy from a typical data center you can still be at risk.

The reason for this is because platforms like Amazon are intelligent and know that the IP address is assigned by a server instead of an Internet service provider. Even the average user can check this by visiting any reverse IP search website.

Why Do You Need Anonymous Proxies?

Anonymous proxies can have multiple use cases depending on the individual or a corporations’ industry. Let’s look at a couple of uses where anonymous proxies are needed.

First, let’s create a situation where you want to create more than one account on a platform.

Each platform only allows you to create one account per IP address and family households may only get away with creating several accounts per IP. An anonymous proxy allows you to create hundreds if not thousands of accounts without limitations.

Next, let’s imagine that you want to create an environment of a specific location remotely.

For example, brands and publishers utilized data that is specific to a region. Some ads only display in a locale and product landing pages usually change what the user sees based on their IP address. So to gather accurate data you can use anonymous proxies from ISP’s that have geotargeting.

Of course, each one of these use cases leverages residential proxies, unlike traditional anonymous proxies. For a full list of use cases click here.

ProxyEmpire’s Anonymous Proxies Vs. Others

We’ve set out to create an environment that fosters anonymity online for both the individual and corporate entities alike. Proxy Empire does this by providing over 1,000,000 proxies worldwide that are anonymous proxies, without the limitations of traditional datacenter proxies.

By leveraging a vast network of proxies that are sourced from Internet service providers and mobile carriers you can now filter your IP addresses by geolocation.

A single user has access to over 150+ countries.

Each country can further be targeted by region, state, and city. There are clear advantages of having access to a granular selection of ISP IP addresses.

First, no one knows you are using a proxy to begin with because on their side they only see the residential or mobile IP address. Next, You can appear to be from even the most remote cities of the world and gain access to that data. Finally, platforms do not block residential IP addresses.

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True anonymity is realized when people don’t even know you’re using a proxy to begin with and that is a clear advantage of using anonymous proxies that are sourced from Internet service providers. Corporations and individuals must leverage tech that gives them accurate data.

Without solid data, a project is a ship floating in the sea without direction.

Need help setting up your anonymous proxies within your operating system or integrating them with your software stack? Our dedicated support is ready to help and you can chat with us live on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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