Proxy Anonymity Levels: Find Out If You’re Truly Hidden.

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Proxy Anonymity
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A proxy is simply a shield between yourself and the web asset you are accessing. Most of you choose to have proxies to compartmentalize your accounts online and remain anonymous. When people think about anonymity, they picture a hacker wearing a hoodie.

The truth is proxies have their place in the corporate world. Here’s a couple of examples of why anonymity is important for ethical reasons.


Understanding Proxy Anonymity Levels


Protecting your identity online is crucial in the modern digital age. One common method users opt for is proxies. When we talk about proxy anonymity, it refers to how hidden your information and internet activity is when using a proxy server. The level of anonymity a proxy provides differs, so understanding proxy anonymity levels helps you select the most appropriate one for your needs.

There are generally three significant levels of proxy anonymity – Transparent, Anonymous, and Elite. Transparent proxies will pass along your IP address and disclose that you’re using a proxy. These are often used for caching purposes and are not suitable for users seeking privacy.

Anonymous proxies provide a higher level of privacy. They do not send your IP address to the destination server you’re interacting with, but they will reveal that a proxy is being used. Hence, they offer a moderate level of anonymity.

Elite proxies, on the other hand, deliver the highest level of proxy anonymity. They neither reveal your IP address nor disclose the use of a proxy. For activities that require complete privacy or accessing geo-restricted content, elite proxies are usually the most favourable choice.

It’s important to note that regardless of the proxy’s anonymity level, they all provide a basic structure for safer browsing by protecting your IP address from being directly exposed. However, knowing the level of privacy that different proxies provide will assist you in selecting the right type for your online safety requirements.



Companies spend millions of dollars annually on ad budgets and they can use proxies to access their live ads and monitor where they are being placed. By doing so they fact check ad networks and publishers. This allows for adjustments to their ad sets based on performance data.



Product brands tap into influencer marketing to drive sales and they need data to do that. To procure that data, companies will create accounts on platforms like Instagram to acquire intelligence of who is a right fit to be a brand ambassador.



Data corporations rely on accurate web scraping and behavioral models to predict trends and sell their clients the right intelligence for their industry. To facilitate this they will use anonymous proxies to scrape the web and assess user activity.

Not all proxies are created equal. In this guide, we at ProxyEmpire will teach you the difference between the three major types of proxies available and how they perform.

Transparent Proxies (Level 3)

Transparent proxies are commonly used for authentication purposes and internal processes within a company. They are amazingly simple in that you do not need to configure the user nor have an authentication protocol. However, they completely leak your router’s IP address.

Caching websites like CloudFlare use transparent proxies for day-to-day operations.

Naturally, a transparent proxy lives up to its name by forwarding your information through the header. They are cheap and easy to use for controlling access to content. You can expect the following information to be sent to the platform.

HTTP_VIA (Proxy IP Address.)

HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR (Leaks Your IP Address.)

REMOTE_ADDR (Proxy IP Address.)

Anonymous Proxies (Level 2)

Anonymous proxies take anonymity up to the next level by tricking the web asset into believing you are from a chosen location. These types of proxies function a lot like a virtual private network, which can give you access to restricted areas.

The problem is that it doesn’t live up to its anonymous title. That is because it can easily be spotted as a proxy revealing that you are trying to remain anonymous in the first place.

When a platform identifies that you are using a proxy they will often restrict your access to their content and ban your IP address in severe circumstances. Anonymous proxies are not acceptable to use for financial processes because they will cause your transaction to be identified as fraudulent. You can expect the header request for anonymous proxies to be the following.

HTTP_VIA (Proxy IP Address.)


REMOTE_ADDR (Proxy IP Address.)

Elite Proxies (Level 1)

From the normal proxy stock, nothing compares to anonymity like elite proxies. That is because they strip header requests concealing your true IP address. Elite proxies are used for multiple purposes such as general scraping, filter requests, and true anonymity.

Security companies will also use elite proxies for safeguarding against attacks that are common in some industries. They can limit the ability of an enemy spoofing your network.

One of the greatest features of an elite proxy is that they do not send the  HTTP_VIA and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header request. This is the reason web properties do not know you are using a proxy or that your intentions are one of anonymity.

The only header request left would be the following.

REMOTE_ADDR (Proxy IP Address.)

Taking Anonymity To The Next Level

For the absolute best in anonymity, consider residential and mobile proxies. Unlike the last three we just covered; residential proxies come from real Internet service providers. Essentially, they are not proxies at all.

Backconnect proxies are procured through software contracts enabling proxy partners such as ProxyEmpire to gain legitimate access to household routers and mobile devices.

When a web platform checks your IP address, they will see a legitimate IP assigned from an Internet service provider or mobile phone carrier. This adds a layer of legitimacy to your anonymity that other proxies cannot provide.

You can also adjust your country, region, city, and select the Internet service provider you want from advanced filtering found in the intuitive dashboard provided by ProxyEmpire. with granular targeting and whitelisted anonymity, a company can expand the way they think data.

Header requests are not an issue with residential proxies. One can use a list of anti detect companies to divide their internet fingerprints. You can find a list of 5-minute integrations on our blog. We work with all major antidetection browsers.

Have questions or comments about proxies? Feel free to talk to us in the chat located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


This article unveils the significance of proxy anonymity in corporate environments for ethical uses such as ad verificationinfluencer marketing, and big data. We, at ProxyEmpire, shed light on the three distinct types of proxies.

Transparent Proxies (level 3) are prevalent for authentication purposes and internal processes within firms. However, they leak your router’s IP details and readily forward your information via HTTP headers.

Anonymous Proxies (level 2) offer the next level of proxy anonymity, resembling a VPN in functionality. But, they can still be identified as proxies, and extreme cases can lead to IP bans.

Elite Proxies (level 1), which are the same as residential and mobile proxies, are superior in concealing user data by stripping header requests. High utility in general scraping, filter requests, and true anonymity ranks them amongst the best.

For enhanced anonymity, consider residential and mobile proxies. Unlike the normal proxies, these come from real ISPs and aren’t technically proxies at all. They’re procured via backconnect proxies through software agreements, enabling ProxyEmpire to access legitimate household routers and mobile devices. Their functionality isn’t affected by HTTP header requests, maximizing your anonymity levels.

Our integrated dashboard facilitates advanced filtering and granular targeting for your convenience. Feel free to connect with us for any proxy-related queries via our live chat or Facebook chat. ProxyEmpire is here to be your trusted partner in proxy solutions.

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