How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Every year hundreds of thousands of accounts are banned on social media platforms and changing your IP address alone is not enough as it was years ago to regain access. Sure, there are plenty of social media management software solutions out there like Hootsuite to manage multiple platforms in one place.

That’s fine to consolidate your social media management, but what about operating
multiple accounts on one single social site?

For individuals who may have or want to have more than the allowed limit of accounts on a social media app, it can be difficult not to get banned and lose your assets. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to manage multiple social media accounts safely on a solitary platform.

Learn How Social Media Identifies You

Every brand of social media builds a profile on your activity that includes unique identifiers. In our industry, we call these “fingerprints” because they tell who you are based on the parameters that you’re using to visit a website or use an app.

At one time just changing your IP address was enough to make multiple accounts and manage them, but in today’s climate, you need to compartmentalize your profiles so that each has a different fingerprint.

IP addresses are still important, and we will cover that later in this tutorial.

Social media platforms use your device’s specs, cookies, And IP address to find out if your account is associated with any other accounts. Advance platforms like Amazon will even leverage metadata from your images to see if you’re connected to other accounts.

Years ago you could separate these profiles by using Firefox portables or creating new user accounts on a windows machine. Considering how sophisticated tracking has become it is best to utilize an anti-detect browser which leads us to our next point.

Anti-Detect Browsers For Managing Social Media

Anti-detect browsers are header-less browsers that can spoof your information per profile you create within the software. Most have settings to add “noise” to key specs of your machine like screen resolution, GPU information, and what user agents you are using.

We at ProxyEmpire have reviewed and made tutorials on multiple anti-detect browsers which you can find in our blog. our proxies are compatible with all multi-login tools.

Now keep in mind that it is important to know it’s not enough just to hide behind different indicators of identity, but you need to make it look natural. Platforms can tell that you are trying to hide your true self and would deem your connection to their website as potentially dangerous.

Clients sometimes wonder why an anti-detect browser is not working for them and it is usually because they set up a profile that does not make sense. To make sure that the user profile that you’ve set up within any multi-login system check your settings with Multilogin – one of the best anti-detect browsers out there.

Now that you know what an anti-detect browser is, how to create trustworthiness within multiple profiles, and common ways social media attracts you; let’s go to the next step and understand in what way proxies power your multiple account ambitions.

Why You Need Residential & Mobile Proxies

Each profile you create for an individual social media account needs to have a clean IP address so that it does not link to other accounts. You also want a clean IP address to avoid raising any red flags and cause the account to be limited.

At one-time data center proxies worked, but web platforms have become increasingly intelligent and check to see if an IP address is sourced from an Internet service provider.

That is where residential and mobile proxies come into play.

Residential proxies are sourced ethically from a real user’s device in a specific GEO location that you set within the filtering system of a provider’s dash panel. Because they use peer devices you can expect to find proxies even in the smallest population zones of a region.

That gives you the ability to precisely mimic the location of your social media profile as it relates to the GEO location the app expects you to be connecting from.

Proxies are the linchpin in anonymous browsing and account management. If the quality of your proxies are substandard then you can expect to have trouble managing your accounts even if you’re using premium software to do so.

Make sure that your provider like ProxyEmpire has a large enough proxy pool available so that the chances of a single proxy being associated with multiple accounts is slim or falls under the limit set by companies like Instagram which usually are five accounts or less.

The Best Facebook & Instagram Proxies

Applications designed for mobile phones function differently than desktop versions of social media. Suppose for a moment you were a social media app like Instagram, and you noticed traffic coming in from a router. The only possible explanation for this is that their mobile devices are connected to Wi-Fi.

That’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely that those devices never connect through a cellular connection. Therefore, residential proxies do work for social media, but the best Instagram proxies are cellular.

Mobile proxies are also a solid choice for Facebook proxies.

Just like with residential proxies, mobile proxies are sourced from using the network of peer phones with permission. You gain access to cellular networks ethically and by doing so give web applications the mobile connection that they want.

Mobile proxies do cost more in bandwidth but are used less per proxy meaning they are some of the cleanest proxies you can use.


A final tip is to make sure with rotating proxies that you have the load balancing server rotate within the same GEO-specific area so that your accounts are not flagged for suspicious activity by changing geographical locations too much.

That’s how simple it is nowadays to operate more than one account on a platform.

Proxies and browser technology make it easy to set up your accounts without the possibility of them being banned. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our experts in the chat located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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