How To Use Proxies For SEO

Successful SEO starts with data, that is why large agencies that have access to hundreds of websites can predict trends and analyze search engine algorithms with greater accuracy than your
average firm.

If you are in a position where it is not easy to acquire data internally the best option is to aggregate your own data and leverage it for your clients.

Let’s use Neil Patel as an example.

His software as a service business model with CrazyEgg gave his team millions of data points to better understand user behavior, SEO optimization, and sales metrics that turned him into one of the most prominent authority figures in marketing.

Today we are going to show you how you can leverage data that already exists to gain a competitive advantage no matter the size of your agency. After this tutorial, you will be able to gather data, understand how to use it, and pick up some much-needed SEO tips along the way to grow your agency.

Let’s dive in and learn how to use proxies for SEO.

Grow Your Own Historical Data

In the SEO industry, most people understand the concept of tracking their keyword positions within search engines. There are a lot of software-as-a-service brands that offer this with idiot-proof configurations.

What they fail to offer is historical data of keyword trends as it relates to your competitors and the search term parameters that you have set for your business.

If you set up a custom scraping bot utilizing residential proxies you can effectively check on your competitors, search terms, and your own positions month after month which gives you accurate prediction models for algorithm changes.


After you track your data for a couple of months you will be able to look at the statistical graphs and see when algorithm changes occur and anticipate for them in the future.

Empower Your Own Data-Backed Case Studies

Another reason for using your own proxies in conjunction with scraping software is that it gives you the ability to acquire data for specific features within the search engine page rankings and white paper those results.

For example, you could scrape 1000 knowledge graphs in a particular industry and find common threads between all of them that give you a conclusion.

Instead of reading about industry trends from Twitter or popular blogs, you will be in control of the information you attain and can leverage that in-house for your agency. Nothing will give you more authority as an SEO expert.

Everything you learn can be utilized to rank client websites or your own brands. If you are interested in becoming an influencer you can turn those findings into case studies and share them with the SEO community.

Go Local With GEO Specific Proxies

Residential proxies are sourced from home routers ethically and ProxyEmpire provides proxies in over 150 countries. You can also filter the proxies on the regional and city level giving you exact control over how the search engine pages display results.

That is especially important when you’re trying to rank local websites in the map pack and within a certain location.

Web results for certain terms will show up differently in Chicago than they would in a small town like Laporte, Indiana. Datacenter proxies are only located in large cities which limits your ability to acquire data for smaller locations.

You can also leverage mobile proxies to understand how the search engine pages rank for certain search terms as it relates to a mobile device. This will give you greater control over knowing who your audience is and how they’re responding to your SEO.

Test Website Vitals Based On Country

Links have always been a dominant ranking factor, however, it is easy for competitors to block popular tools with a robot.txt file. As a matter of fact, the more popular an SEO tool is the more likely its user agent is blocked.

To circumvent this you can set a scraping tool to create a link tree that uses residential proxies so that the host does not catch on to you requesting data from them.

Websites hate to see server traffic on their website and suspect the traffic to be bots.

Utilizing residential and mobile proxies you are now able to mask your purpose for visiting their website and even set your custom tools to stay on the website so that you do not increase their bounce rate which can raise suspicions. 

The result is being able to see if they have any private blog networks powering their website or hidden links they do not want you to see.

Check Competitors Hidden Links

Core vitals are important for user experience and ranking on search engines like Google. Testing can become an issue when you’re dealing with multiple countries and content delivery networks designed to speed up performance.

For example, your website may load in under 3 seconds in the United Kingdom but have difficulty in Australia.

Leveraging residential proxies for SEO allows you to test your core vitals for your website just like a resident of that country. That is because the IP addresses are assigned from internet service providers.

Mobile proxies can allow you to use cellular providers to test how your website Lowe’s in a particular locale. You can even check to see if your website has been blocked in restrictive countries such as China, UAE, and India.


There are many use cases for proxies within the SEO industry that a lot of people are not aware of. To be an expert in the field you need data, and to acquire data one needs the ability to request information from websites without raising suspicion.

If you’re ready to take your SEO to the next level consider using cloud-based scrapers and premium residential proxies.

Feel free to reach out to us at ProxyEmpire with any questions you may have as it relates to utilizing proxies as a utility for your SEO endeavors. Remember, data is what separates seven-figure agencies from amateurs.

If you have any questions about alternative data and how ProxyEmpire can help, please feel free to contact us in a live chat located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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