The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Proxies

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Mobile Proxies Guide
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The digital landscape we both work and play in has come a long way in recent years, with the majority of traffic moving away from desktop and on to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. According to some data, mobile traffic globally reached over 68% of all web traffic, up nearly 63% from 2019.

With this trend expected to continue, many in the industry are looking towards Mobile proxies and 4G proxies for help.

In this guide, we’ll take you down the rabbit hole of 4G mobile proxies (and you won’t even have to swallow a blue or red pill like Neo). So lace up or kick back and let’s dive right on in…

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What Is A Mobile Proxy?

You already use mobile IP addresses every time you go online with your smartphone or tablet. But did you know that you can rent/lease mobile and 4G proxies to hide your true IP address from the prying eyes of third parties?

Mobile proxies offer a real mobile IP address over a 3G or 4G connection. These proxies can be assigned to mobile devices…but they don’t have to be. Mobile proxy networks work by making available (and in some cases rotating) IP addresses used to connect and/or forward traffic through mobile-connected devices on 3 or 4G cellular networks.

One of the most advantageous aspects of a mobile proxy is that you can leverage a REAL mobile IP address for use with software, SEO tools, automation apps, and more. Mobile proxies are notoriously hard to distinguish from actual mobile IP addresses and offer a superior level of anonymity, privacy and security for the user…in this case, that’s you 😊.

Are There Different Types of Mobile Proxies?

When searching for the best mobile proxies you may have come across a few different types or names:

• Cellular or mobile proxies (generic terminology)
• 3G Proxies
• 4G Proxies
• LTE Proxies

Mobile or cellular proxies is just a generic term that encompasses all types of mobile proxies.

3G is an old cellular network that is largely out of use, but still prevalent in rural areas and in less developed nations. This type of connection is slower and less reliable.

4G Proxies and LTE Proxies are the same, with the names being used interchangeably. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is simply a technological standard of mobile communications. LTE proxies are faster than their 3G counterparts, and the most preferred type.

What is The Best Mobile Proxy?

The best mobile proxy can be a bit subjective depending on your intended use case, but let’s break down what makes a proxy (and its provider) the ‘best’.

Security: Mobile proxies should offer a robust level of security and peace of mind that your information, activities and data are secure from prying eyes.

Reliability: Reliability is paramount when it comes to proxies. This is one area where many service providers *we’re looking at you competition* fall short.

Performance: Performance is important, helping you get more done faster with a consistency you can count on day in and day out.

Speed: As mentioned, 4G reigns supreme as far as speed is concerned.

Support: You want to know that if issues arise, you’ll be well taken care of. Technology is great, but when things go wrong it can cause one heck of a headache.

Setup/Ease of Use: Complications, additional software and other hurdles make life more difficult than it needs to be. Our proxies come ready for use right out of the box.

Pricing: Pricing is tricky. The proxy industry has always had a ‘race to the bottom’ mentality, often resulting in shoddy performance and subpar products and service. You don’t need to break the bank here, but you also shouldn’t be after the ‘cheapest’ provider. *Hint* – there’s a reason why they are so cheap, and its not because of the quality.

At the end of the day, our (admittedly) biased opinion is that our 4G proxies are best.

Why Do You Need These?

In case you need a reminder of how much your privacy is invaded upon, this is your wake-up call. Every site you visit or interact with be it manually or by way of software, is tracking your every move and logging data and information about your connection.

Everything from the actual IP address attached to your physical device to browser fingerprinting. This information isn’t just unnecessary to share, it can, in some cases, be used against you.

In others, it can be used to restrict or limit access.
Do you really want to expose your online activity and data to another party? Perhaps even a competitor?

Avoid Frustrating CAPTCHAs.

Google and other big sites are notorious for hitting you with the annoyingly hard to solve CAPTCHA. If CAPTCHAs are putting a damper on your online activity, 4G mobile proxies can help. Big sites like Google and Facebook log IP addresses and ‘flag’ them for what they consider ‘suspicious’ or ‘unnatural’ activity.

Too many logins, an unreasonable amount of page views in a short window of time, and actions taken by bots or web scrapers are notorious for getting accounts banned or IPs blocked. A mobile proxy solves this issue, providing you with a fresh, clean and trusted IP address that will pass even the highest levels of scrutiny with flying colors.

Everything from the actual IP address attached to your physical device to browser fingerprinting. This information isn’t just unnecessary to share, it can, in some cases, be used against you.

In others, it can be used to restrict or limit access.
Do you really want to expose your online activity and data to another party? Perhaps even a competitor?

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Whether for personal or business use, many of us have several social media accounts per platform. Generally speaking, this is against the TOS (terms of service) for most sites, and can result in account lockout or suspensions.

Facebook, Twitter and the like regularly flag and ban IP addresses they consider to be risky. This makes managing your own or client social accounts a challenge.

Access to Information: kick censorship to the curb

We believe information should be free and accessible to everyone, not just when a government or political body says it’s ‘ok’. If you do too, 4G mobile proxies can side skirt efforts made to only show information to visitors coming from a certain GEO or region.
For example, many gambling players and even cryptocurrency traders use proxies to access international accounts.

NO Cookie for You!

Cookies are pieces of information stored about you and your preferences. Although often harmless, sometimes they can be used against you. Mobile proxies offer a reliable solution, caching cookies for your connection/session, but keeping them private vs forwarding them on to you.

TLDR; you get to enjoy all the benefits of cookies (such as preferences) without worrying about privacy issues.For example, many gambling players and even cryptocurrency traders use proxies to access international accounts.

Price Comparison: always get the best deal

Sneaky advertisers and eCommerce sites often display DIFFERENT prices to a visitor depending on how their site is accessed, what device they are using, and where (geographic location) that visitor is coming from.

For example, some sites charge higher fees to first-world visitors such as those from the USA, CA, UK and AU, while charging less to those from developing nations.
In other cases, first-time visitors may be offered a ‘new customer’ discount whereas repeat visitors aren’t.

Go Mobile and Get More Done!

With more than half of the internet’s traffic having gone mobile, it only makes sense that your proxies should too.

In many cases, mobile 4G proxies offer serious advantages over traditional ‘landline’ proxies, and may even be better suited for accessing certain sites and information (especially social media sites).

Are you ready to ‘mobile-ize’? Have questions about what our proxies are best used for or what they are compatible with?

Need a custom package?
Reach out. Our team is dedicated to helping you get more done with mobile proxies that are fast, safe, secure and reliable.

For example, some sites charge higher fees to first-world visitors such as those from the USA, CA, UK and AU, while charging less to those from developing nations.
In other cases, first-time visitors may be offered a ‘new customer’ discount whereas repeat visitors aren’t.


Sure, Here’s the paragraph with the relevant internal links:

  • Mobile proxies utilize IP addresses from mobile phone and tablet connections over 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. As mobile comprises over 60% of internet use, mobile proxies are essential for appearing as an authentic mobile user. Key benefits include:
  • Anonymity – Mask your true identity and location behind a mobile IP.
  • Bypass Blocks – Defeat bot detection and access restrictions.
  • Geo-Targeting – Target ads, content, and apps to specific mobile carrier locations.
  • Scale Automation – Manage many accounts and automate actions using different mobile IPs.
  • Mobile Testing – Test mobile sites, ads and apps as a real user with a mobile IP.
  • Avoid Throttling – Rotate different mobile IPs to prevent throttling from frequency caps.

With residential mobile IPs assigned to real devices, you get superior anonymity compared to datacenter proxies. Leading providers offer 4G LTE mobile proxies from major carriers globally for the reliability and speed you need. For privacy and access at scale, a mobile proxy pool is now an essential web tool.

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What are mobile proxies used for?

Mobile proxies are primarily used for online security and maintaining anonymity. They are especially efficient in web scraping and automated testing as they minimize the chances of being blocked. These proxies are frequently used in e-commerce, advertising and social media, where location-specific content is standard.

How to use a mobile proxy?

To use a mobile proxy, you’ll need to configure the settings on your device or browser to direct your internet traffic through the proxy server. The settings typically require the proxy server address, port number, and authentication details if needed. Once configured, your device will use the mobile proxy for all outgoing internet connections.

What is a 4G mobile proxy?

A 4G mobile proxy uses IP addresses from a 4G network, providing high-speed and reliable internet connections. They are popular for their ability to blend with legitimate users on the internet, thereby reducing the likelihood of being detected and blocked when performing sensitive tasks like web scraping or managing multiple social media accounts.

What are dedicated mobile proxies?

Dedicated mobile proxies, also known as private mobile proxies, offer exclusive use of a specific IP address to a single user. Unlike shared proxies, the IP address is not used by anyone else, providing an enhanced level of privacy and performance. Dedicated mobile proxies are ideal for tasks that require high-speed connections and complete control of the IP address like online gaming, web scraping, or managing multiple social media accounts.

Mobile IPs from phone to automate, collect and scrape internet data

What is the difference between 4G and residential proxy?

The primary difference lies in the source of the IP address. 4G proxies acquire their IP addresses from mobile network operators, making them ideal for tasks that require a high level of anonymity. On the other hand, residential proxies get their IPs from internet service providers(ISPs). They exhibit characteristics of residential users and are commonly used for data scraping, ad verification, and price comparison.

Are proxies still legal?

Proxies are not illegal. They are tools intended for legitimate purposes such as privacy, security, and access to geo-blocked content. However, their misuse, such as for illegal activities, makes them seem unlawful. Always ensure you’re using proxies responsibly and legally.

Should I use Free Mobile Proxies?

While free mobile proxies can be tempting, they are often unstable and unreliable. They come with a heightened risk of being caught in harmful activities as the servers are shared publicly. It’s always recommended to use paid or trusted mobile proxies for the sake of your security and privacy.

Do you offer USA mobile proxies?

We aim to cater to a wide range of geographical preferences for our customers. Yes, we do offer USA mobile proxies that provide high-speed, stable connections and the ability to appear as if you are browsing from the US.

What is the difference between 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE mobile proxies?

The differences among these mobile proxies lie in their speed and reliability. 3G proxies are slower compared to 4G, 5G, and LTE. 4G proxies offer faster speeds and greater data capacity compared to 3G. 5G proxies are the newest generation and offer even higher speed, capacity, and reliability than 4G. LTE, an acronym for Long-Term Evolution, is a standard for high-speed wireless connections that is even faster than normal 4G but slower than 5G.

Do you offer private mobile proxies?

Absolutely, we offer private mobile proxies that are exclusive to one user. This means that the IP address you get with your private mobile proxy isn’t shared with anyone else, providing a higher level of security, reliability, and performance.

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Do you offer a Mobile Proxies free trial?

We understand the importance of testing services before making a commitment. We indeed offer a free trial of our mobile proxies service so you can experience the speed, reliability, and security we offer firsthand.

What are rotating mobile proxies?

Rotating mobile proxies are a type of proxy where the IP address changes or rotates at regular intervals or for every new session. This dynamic nature makes these proxies incredibly difficult for websites to track or block, providing the user with unlimited access to online resources.

Why use rotating mobile IPs?

Rotating mobile proxies are highly beneficial for tasks where numerous requests are sent to a target server. These activities might include web scraping, SEO, data mining, and social media account management. The rotating IP addresses make these actions less likely to be detected and blocked, ensuring smooth operations.

How do rotative mobile proxies work?

Rotating mobile proxies work by switching your IP address at regular intervals or every time there is a new request. This is orchestrated by a proxy server configured to assign a new IP address for every new session or often during a session. This makes tracking your activities challenging for most website servers.

What is a residential mobile proxy?

Residential mobile proxies are proxies that utilize IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They offer IP addresses associated with physical residential addresses, making it hard to be detected or blocked when carrying out tasks online, as the activities resemble those of regular internet users.

Can you use mobile proxies for Instagram?

Indeed, you can use mobile proxies for Instagram. They’re especially useful when managing multiple Instagram accounts from one device or accessing Instagram content not available in your region. With mobile proxies, you can emulate authentic user behavior, significantly reducing the risk of being detected and banned by Instagram’s stringent algorithms.

What is the advantage of 5G mobile proxies over 4G mobile proxies?

5G mobile proxies provide significantly faster data speeds compared to 4G mobile proxies. This means tasks are completed quicker with higher efficiency. Further, with the ubiquitous presence of 5G networks globally, users can connect to any server worldwide with reduced latency, making 5G mobile proxies more efficient.

How safe are mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies are one of the safest methods to surf the internet anonymously, especially when obtained from a reliable source. They hide your original IP address, providing you with an extra layer of security against online threats, hackers, and cyber attacks. However, it’s crucial to ensure your mobile proxy provider employs robust security protocols to safeguard your data.

Does using a mobile proxy affect internet speed?

While using any proxy can potentially slow down your internet speed due to the additional route that data has to traverse, mobile proxies typically offer high-quality and high-speed connections. Especially with 4G and 5G mobile proxies, any speed changes are often negligible. They maintain a good balance between speed, quality, and reliability.

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