What are Static Residential Proxies?

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What are Static Residential Proxies? - ProxyEmpire
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Static residential proxies (also called ISP proxies) are one of the most popular types of proxies. They are also one of the best ways to hide your identity and stay anonymous online. But what do you need to know about them? What makes them so special? Why would you want to use a residential proxy instead of just using a regular proxy service? Keep reading as we’ll cover all of these questions and more!

What is a static residential proxy?

First, let’s talk about residential proxies. A residential IP address is a real IP address that belongs to an actual physical device with an internet connection issued by a legitimate ISP.

Residential proxies can be found easily and allow websites or ISPs to monitor their online activity. Static residential proxy servers route users’ traffic through genuine IP addresses.

ProxyEmpire‘s Static Residential Proxies are the perfect combo between static and residential proxies that make up the perfect ISP proxy.

ISP proxies allow you to browse the internet from the eyes of a genuine consumer and gather public data even from the most challenging targets.


Why do companies use static residential proxies?

  • Avoid IP bans

IP bans are a common way for ISPs to block your access to websites. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including using anonymous proxies that don’t keep logs or IPs, attempting to circumvent geolocation restrictions, or simply using too many proxies at the same time. Using a residential proxy means you’ll avoid IP bans because your computer’s address will remain unchanged and therefore won’t be flagged as suspicious.

  • Avoid IP leaks

Leaked IP addresses are one of the main reasons why services like Hulu block users from their content library. An unencrypted leak occurs when the server sees your real IP address instead of the proxy’s fake one; this allows them to see where you’re coming from and deny service if necessary (this is why we recommend only using encrypted proxies). A leaked residential proxy prevents this from happening because it will never reveal anything about your identity or location—only websites and services that need specific information about you would ever ask for it anyway!

  • Stay anonymous

What are the pros of static residential proxies?

There are a number of reasons why you should be considering static residential proxies. They have a lot to offer, including:

  • High speed. You don’t have to leverage the swiftness of your connection by using this type of proxy because they’re always fast and stable.
  • Impeccable anonymity. Since you will be connected to the real IP address, no one can detect you’re using a proxy (unless someone else is on that same residential connection).
  • Reliability. Static residential proxies never get blocked thanks to the authentic IP addresses (which are usually assigned for years).
  • 18 countries available: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and India.

Because ISP proxies are disguised data center IP addresses, you can see an increase in speeds when making requests that you may not find with peer-sourced proxies. People who want an IP address that does not change will appreciate the static quality of the proxies, but remember that even these proxies are poised to change at some point. If your use case requires the fastest connection possible, consider ISP proxies.

Cons of static ISP Proxies

When you start using ISP proxies, you will notice that they rely on data centers and that means you will not have the geodiversity that comes from sourcing nodes from peer devices. Typically, only large metropolitan regions will have data centers and that is where your proxies will be from.


ProxyEmpire’s most common use cases are:

In other words, they can be used to keep the website’s reputation clean and ensure that no spammy links are being generated for your site. They are also useful in protecting against fraud, identity theft, and data breaches.

Static Residential Proxies can help you aggregate travel fare data across different carriers and destinations to find the best prices available on the market today!

They are also great for market research purposes – using static residential proxies allows you to see how many people visit a particular web page or website without any kind of tracking software installed on their computer/device (no cookies). This information is extremely valuable if you want to learn more about what types of products/services interest people most in certain areas around the world – it will allow you to discover trends that may not have been apparent before this information was collected!

Pricing intelligence monitoring allows companies to keep track of pricing trends happening within various markets across industries; which makes them extremely valuable for buying low-cost consumer goods such as clothing articles or electronic devices like smartphones etcetera…


Static Residential Proxies are faster than regular proxies in most cases, but it depends on many factors. Many providers offer ‘static residential’ or ‘dedicated residential’ proxies which are usually located within the same country as you, and have the same ISP as you.

Some services use a different method for delivering static residential proxies to users, which means that they may not be faster than normal residential IPs. When choosing a provider, you should always check how their IPs are delivered before signing up with them!


There are two main types of static residential proxies: paid and free. You should always consider those factors before signing with a provider:

  • Paid Static Residential Proxies: These are the most expensive type of proxy servers that you can buy. This means that they will have higher bandwidth and more bandwidth could mean better performance in terms of speed and reliability. It is also worth noting that paid residential proxies are safer because they require personal information such as name and address (but not any financial details). Get Started With Our $1.97 Trial Today
  • Free Static Residential Proxies: The best thing about this option is that there’s no cost involved at all – hence why it’s called “free”. However, with something being free there usually comes some sort of catch which would mean we wouldn’t recommend using this option unless absolutely necessary.
  • View our pricing.

Differences Between Rotating and Static Proxies

  • Static proxies are more vulnerable to anti-scraping or anti-bot activities that a target site might feature. Therefore, if you want to attain better security levels, rotating proxies or a proxy rotator with a pool of static IPs are recommended.
  • Performance stability – Whereas you do not need to change your IP address in order to remain invisible on the web with a static proxy, rotating proxies require that you switch IP addresses every so often. Therefore, with a rotating proxy, you cannot guarantee maximum uptime for all of your web pages.
  • With rotating proxies, your level of anonymity increases, because it becomes harder to track you with IPs changing all the time.

Residential Proxies Vs. ISP Proxies


When choosing a proxy type, be certain to consider your specific use case. If you are looking for the fastest possible connections and do not care about IP diversity, ISP proxies can work well for your project. However, if you want to scale your data by making a lot of requests, you need that IP diversity. For eCommerce arbitrage, you will want to balance between speed and IP quality. ISP proxies are indeed faster but that does not mean that the quality will work as well at checkout. A larger IP pool generally means that the proxies aren’t overused and rotating residential proxies are the overall winners in this situation.

Read about the Difference Between ISP Proxies and Residential Proxies


A static residential proxy is a dedicated IP address that you can use to hide your real location. This means that all of your online activities will appear to be coming from a different country with a different IP address. The best thing about using these types of proxies is that they will not go away after some time like other types of proxies does. You can choose from a wide range of options so make sure you get one that best suits your needs!

Buy your own dedicated static residential IP and never get blocked again!


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